Academy League – Edited Version


I write this guide since some of the information on official website is outdated. All the information below is only based on my knowledge at the time this post is written and from my own observation. Any wrong information found in this post are due to as maybe the rules of the event changes frequently by GM discretion.




Please refer to official website.




Please refer to official website.




Last alive member of any academy will declared as a winner.

NO ancient weapons allowed.

NO +10 and +11 (including noob set and weapon from Nell) allowed. Valid only for Beginner Division.

NO naiads allowed.

NO mount allowed.

Potions are allowed.

NO PK allowed and DO NOT on PK mode before countdown begins.

– Relocation (/relo) and guild/party summoning/jumping skills are strictly prohibited.

Anyone proven interrupting the academy league will be banned for 1 week. (under GM’s discretion)

In each round certain amount of time (under GM’s discretion) is given, and if the time reached. No Potions rules will be used.




Wait for announcement from GM to know which server will be held.

Use TAB message (i.e. /tab Beginner) to make GM’s work much more easier. It is advisable to stand close to arena fences during GM summoning.




For all division, 1 Laktorium Powder for each member of the winning academy who participate, although you got killed in the event.

Reward will be inserted to your storage after 2 – 4 hours.


It is one of a few things for newbies to feel first hand and learning stage before can join much more bigger war such Channel War or Siege War. Although Erion is the only town that only mortal allowed, but you have to wait until you can be accepted in any war guild.

This event is a place where you can learn how to follow orders from more exprience player, to work as a team, to test out your play skill and above of all, to having fun.

As this event is cater only for academy guild members, you still need to join any academy to participate. Though sometime GM disregard this rule by still summoning no guild/tag player.

Don’t be afraid of having poor set as this event is not about soloing but teamwork among your guild mates is a key to winning formula. It has proven the best player with the best equipments found out it is hard to win without assistance from own guild mates.

Try to stay close to your team. Refresh all your buffs when not attacking or being attack. Get a party with a support foema in it. A support foema as a team/party leader is advisable.

Learn to use all your buff skills and use it wisely. I always found that almost all player only know how to attack but they did it with reckless. A foema who never give buffs to their guild mate.



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