Who is DewiSuraya?

I have been asked this same question so many times. So here I will tell you the story behind the name.

Suraya is a real life person name. She is a real girl. She used to be my girlfriend. She likes to chat in mIRC and she has chosen SurayaHaney as her online nickname.

When we were first played RO, she continues to use SurayaHaney as her character’s name. Then when we need to created sub account, name like PuteriSuraya, BabySuraya and etc was created. Overtime, she gets bored with RO and she found Supreme Destiny. I still continue to play RO at that time. PuteriSuraya again was chosen.

A few month later she was promoted and transferred to new department then found out that she was no longer have time to play this game. And I took over her account and continue to play as her level had reached near 300. As I continue to play I discovered that her char was to hard level-up since she was a white foema. I created another character within same account and come with the name DewiSuraya since dewi is a goddess in English. It was my intention to make a god character.

And now, in WYD this name I chose just because it will be recognize by fellow friends from SD.


1 Comment

  1. surayahaney said,

    November 11, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    hm….. still used my nick name?????

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