Malaysia Won 8 – 1

I am so very happy and proud. Academy Guild of my beloved country Malaysia has won all division except one. It was sweet and nice victory as I am also from same guild.

Our guild only loose to Singapore in Beginner division on Friday, 5th. These results were achieved after great turnout by academy members. This has make other academy too scared to show up and join the event.

Malaysian won hardcore division

Sound of frustration and dissatisfaction was also can be heard among other academy. To me it is your own fault that your own guild mates didn’t show up.

This time around was not complete with controversies as GM always did. On third day of the event, in Beginners division after a quiet long fight, GM has stop the fight between 5 Malaysian and 1 from Global. Surprising for the first time GM decided to declare all six as a winner. But for others who were already died was excluded to receive their share of the reward. This is something new.

As I said before, once again GM has used their own discretion. Although it solved the matter but changing the rules at the very last minutes seem to be a norm for GM.

As for me now, can’t wait for the next round which is on this coming Friday.

Malaysian won 8 – 1

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