A Memory of DyNasTy

There is no news today in WYD as I was pre-occupied with real world thing. So today i would like to share to you all something about the past during my days in Supreme Destiny.

Maybe some of you still remember one guild named DyNasTy. It was a red cape. From day one we already has been a very close ally with other red guild especially iAm, KierraClan and VatosLocos.

Our DyNasty’s server was the third. That was our home ground. Erion town was our first town as at that time still not just for mortal guild war.

Although DyNasty was not as strong as iAm guild, but at almost numerous occation DyNasTy was called to come to change the tide of war. Our members only have normal set and even some of them still having green stats though already +10. But we have known to never fail to show up when we were needed. We never stop to coming back although we have already died so many time.

There was no meaning of lag. There was no meaning of no potion left. There was no meaning of waiting.

When called upon by any of our members or ally, just in a few minutes five to ten or even more will come to lend their help to assist. Even sometime if not enough members online, we call them through telephone.

These few poor and weak warriors but when band together in team. We fought bravely and sent our enemies away back to their own grave.

From in-game to real world, we have several time have made an event for us to gather. From there we became more closer to each other.

It was a great memory.

Some of us are still continue playing here at WYD Global. And some of them are still using the same SD name, like me. And some have to use different name.

They are Optimus69, zexm, -Superbeast-, Dewata (Iblyzs), Rosewell (dragaNZ), MamaDoli (doliTTle), BloodPissJr (Cepai), PacManJr (Maxxie), Gigane (nina), IchibieJr (tokjantan), hatisutra and me DewiSuraya.

Whether DyNasTy will be created again is still undecided but our true spirit of DyNasTy will still remain and will someday emerge creating havoc and chaos to WYD World.

Only time can tell. Just wait and be prepare for our wrath.

“You kiss me, I will kiss you back. You PK me, DyNasTy will PK you”



  1. September 8, 2008 at 7:55 am

    […] DewiSuraya […]

  2. Dewata said,

    September 8, 2008 at 9:55 am

    Our server is 5th la bro.. And this story remain me of back stabbing n double faces.. Funny though

  3. CokleTHackS said,

    October 16, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    erm…sedey bile ingat balik memory2 bersame dulu…

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