Why I love playing WYD Global? – Part 2

Read here for Part 1.


Even the best game with superb content will crumble if not managed by great support personnel.

This was clearly shown by Supreme Destiny which was managed by e-Games. Due to some unclear problems, this game which at beginning handled with great people came to an end.

So far here at WYD Global, the support team has doing a great job in respect of respond time. I have before have posted some problem that I was facing at Q&A section and was quiet satisfied with their quick and prompt respond.

Although the problem has taken more than a day but they managed to solve it and return the answer in a day or two.

Unfortunately, the standard reply after the needed answer was sometime overshadowed.


The newly created post the Community Manager (CM) recently also was a major success. CM team was always seen around online in game whether to having a chat or mere teasing player with their puny jokes (just kidding) or listening to players complain and such.

Nonstop event that they have prepared which come with some great prizes indeed make this WYD Global a different compare to other WYD servers.

All of this were somehow have made the players to come back before they missed these great event. And I am also included. LOL

Continue reading here for Part 3.


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