12th Sept – Malaysia Won Academy League

Malaysia Academy Guild records 2 – 1 victory on the first day league for this week. Clean sweep was only hampered by Singapore in Beginner division.

In Advance division, Malaysia has shown great teamwork and victorious only in three minutes.

Malaysian was lead by Espada001 and ThorZ, both are Magic Knight with support from others have put their best effort to the end.

For Hardcore division, although a great numbers have shown up, Malaysians had a very difficult time. More than half Malaysian warriors have fallen. After eight minutes have passed, with great fighting skills and teamwork the fight end with a splendid result.

This time around, I have used two characters for each Advance and Hardcore division. A Summoner with a healer and a battle foema with a summoner.

Without any doubt, Malaysia Academy has once again shown to be the strongest Academy in WYD Global.

Please stay tune for more update on second day of league for this week, tomorrow.


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  1. September 14, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    […] here for first day and second day league […]

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