The Elders

From my previous post, there were several times I have mentioned about my friends from DyNasTy. And today I would like to say about one similarity which is our age.

Maybe to some this would be a surprise but to others who are already known all of us in person should aware of this connection.

Almost all of our members are above 20 and more than half are above 30. There are a few of us are already above 40 and even more pass 50.

This is one reason why our relationship is so close. The maturity among us has made our way of thinking to this game with unique style of approach and we are more purposefully than other player in game.

In other word, we used our brain and interpret it to the game the best tactical style of play. We think charily before we do anything in game. We exploited every each prospect on every each character build that we have chosen to play.

This has brought us to create several accounts for the purpose of our ambitions. We always help out each other whenever and whoever in need or having trouble.

We discussed from time to time to find the best ways or methods to achieve the best result. We shared our knowledge and findings among us.

Most important is if we are going to be strong, we must do it together. We are a true believer in teamwork.

As our mottos say,

“You kiss me, I kiss you. You PK me, DyNasTy PK you.”
“We Ride Together We Die Together”
“DyNasTy For Life”


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