14th Sept – Controversy in League

Final round for this week’s Academy League was held this morning at 5 am. For this time around, a sole survivor Claw- from Global Academy was declared as a winner in Beginner division after a Malaysian contender has been disqualified of using +11 noob set.

However in Advance division, Malaysia has made a comeback by victoriously wiped out all other academies in less than three minutes. Thanks to the powerful ThorZ, a vigorous NON-BREAK and a fiery MissAdvance for their skillful play.

In Hardcore division, it was clearly Malaysia academy’s in favor before the countdown even started. HumptyDumpty from Singapore academy who was a favorite to win this round has failed yet again and have to accept a defeat after being attacked merciless from Malaysia. The over whelming turn out by Malaysia warriors have secured a quick win on their opponents. Malaysian team, lead by the sturdy -xnaruto-, not a sweat was dropped for a sweet win.

Read here for first day and second day league updates.


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  1. September 14, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    […] tune for the third day update. For first day update read […]

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