New Siege War – A Proposal

It was has been THREE years since I have been played this game. And I have joined and participated in all type of war available. But to me the Kingdom War (in SD) or Siege War (in WYD) is the best war. This war still remain the same. And I found it a bit boring especially to veteran players like me. So it is my dream if the developer can change it so it can still enjoyable with these new changes.

So here goes my proposal of a new Siege War. It still in progress and I will update when I have found new idea.


It has been years since the war started. This conflict between two great kingdoms has claimed so many lives. It was tiring. It seems the peace wouldn’t see any daylight.

The generals and war commanders are getting restless. They all have been fighting the endless war for ages. They are tired for of receiving orders from their king. Something has to be done to stop all this madness.

It is the time for changes. It is the time for a new king. It is the time a revolution.

And it is the time for a new war.

A fight for power and wealth. A fight for name and honor.

One thing stills the remain. The war between two kingdoms, Hekalotian and Akeronian continue in new battleground with different rules and challenges.


At Kingdom of Akeronia and Kingdom of Hekalotia.


To kill the King.


1.      At first war when no claim the king title, both King will be spawn as usual.

2.      All NPC guards will be spawning as usual. After being killed, it will be respawn back immediately at near King’s location. It will move back to their original location and will attack if the found opposite cape on their way.

3.      A several cannon will be put at strategic places. Can be controlled only by a player with needed skill.

4.      When the war started, all gates in the area will be closed. All gates from outside world will close unbreakable. All gates inside the area can be break.

5.      To enter the war area, players can use a portal. Each kingdom has their separate portal to enter. Both portals are located at Castle of Noatun. They will spawn randomly into their respective kingdom near the king.

6.      All /summon, /relo, /summonguild are can’t be use into war area.

7.      All players who being killed will be transport back to their originated town.

8.      Any side that succeed kill the opposite King will be declared as a winner.



  1. Dewata said,

    September 15, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Its nice but how about create a new Kingdom. Like Yellow or Purple Kingdom. And the 3 Kingdom will war each others to claim their throne.

  2. Weataslitle said,

    October 13, 2008 at 1:02 am

    🙂 reflects the couple’s low-key approach to their royal connections.

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