Pro and Con – Foema Build (Updated 21/09/2008)

All the information below are solely from my own personal experience and discussions with friends. Some people maybe disagree as every person has his or her own favorite build. I will try to explain in detail for each build.

Please refer to my previous post for each build.
Please be noted that for any example given, it is has to assumed that all character mentioned are using all perfect stats and already have their respective last skill.


This type of foema is best for who like to be an attacker or a PKer. With awesome firepower from its attack skills has make this build something to watch out.

The only weakness I have found so far are when I am fighting against Beastmaster due to their high resistant and Huntress due to their high flee. It is quiet easy when against Transknight or MagicKnight.

Some people said that for PKer, DEX is a must but from my personal experience DEX under 500 is useless since I will get hit no matter what. From 10 hits that I have received, almost hard to see any miss. To me better put the points to CON or INT so I will have more firepower or more HP. With potions, I found that I can survive longer.

I would like to mention too regarding using this build for hunting. Maybe it is just me but the chances to get any drop from the mobs are sometime quiet frustrating. Although they firepower are great but the killing rate still slow.


Not much of different in explanation about this build accept noticeable in it’s stats. All you have to do is just put all your points to INT. If you like to use this build, you have to use newbie set +11 or make a Templess Armor set and only can use Orc Staff or last mortal weapon for foema.

I am still build one foema using this stats but after around level 240, I have found that this build is not that great when PKing. Yes, you have excellent firepower at your disposal but if only you supplied yourself with a great number of potions. Easy to get killed as your HP little bit lower than FULL BLACK FOEMA.

Not a front liner but will be great or suitable when fight in group as you can hide in the middle of your team mates and unleash your attack skills from behind.


This build is most favorite then other foema build. This is because it is quiet easy to level up. This build also is very good when using for hunting.

When PKing with a great usage of Cancellation and Flash skill, you will found that your opponent will hate and disgust.

DEX is a must to make sure your attack speed is above 200. Do not spend more when you have achieved that attack speed. DEX on foema is a waste. But if you still need a flee for your battle foema, go for above 600 or 700. By doing this you have to sacrifice your firepower.


This build is what I called hit and run. This is best if you have a very great sense of timing. Holy Judgment skill can be a surprise to many.

But most of the time this build is work best when acts as a support for its great buffs. During Guild War and Siege War the Bless Revival skill will be needed most.

If equipped with very best DEF set and a shield, this build is very sturdy and very hard to get killed by others. It is important for staying alive as longer as you can.

The downside is you will find out that this build is most hard to level up by it self. Leeching with other is the only way. Maybe joining a sharing water party should be considered.


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