You know your addicted to WYD Global when…


As maybe you have known, I have been playing this game since Supreme Destiny and then to WYD Global. It has been more than 3 years now.

Whether I am addicted, maybe i am. The list below 80% are from my personal experience. Another 20% are just my assumption that logically maybe happen to others. And maybe from what I have heard from fellow friends.

This list still not totally complete yet. I will add if anything crossed to my mind.

And here are the list without any particular orders.


1.    You never shutdown your computer because need to ccmode to hunt or level up.

2.    You will make sure no one touch your computer even you are not using it. CC MODE in progress.

3.    You can’t wait to be back at home just to see all your characters is still OK.

4.    If you can get home in time, you will find any cybercafe on the way.

5.    Whenever you stay away from your PC, you feel uneasy.

6.    You will comeback just to look at the screen every 30 seconds.

7.    You will be getting mad if your computer broke down.

8.    You will be getting mad if your internet connection is down.

9.    If your computer and internet line is down, you will rush to nearest cybercafé. WYD Global installation file burned on CD is a must have in case of emergency.

10.    You will never go to any place that doesn’t have any internet connection.

11.    You will never leave your laptop if you need to stay away from your home.

11a.  You are keeping a long list of WIFI free hot spots.


12.    You prefer to stay in front of your computer although someone ask to meet you else where.

13.    You will only go out to meet any friends who play WYD.

14.    Your lover wants a break off and you are not effecting by it.

15.    Your parents noticed that never go out again like before.

16.    You prefer of not watching any favorite show on TV anymore.

17.    When you talk to your friend in real life, you always say “Do you want me to PK you?”

18.    You will reluctant to go anywhere unless “Can I relo to you?”

19.    When your motorbike is low on fuel and you will say “Oh dear, I need to get pet feeds”


20.    You will think of any reason not to go to school.

21.    You will start to reach your office late.


22.    You prefer to hungry and any meal can wait.

23.    You will still have energy to sit in front of your PC although you are sick.

24.    You have learned to master to hold your bladder longer.

25.    You will get your computer repaired immediately if found faulty.

26.    You will feel energize when in front of your computer.

27.    Sleep is not important to you anymore. Leveling and PKing is the cause.

28.    You tend to wake in the middle of your sleep.

29.    When you are sleeping even your dream also about WYD.

30.    You jump in joy because you just get a dream of getting 81 DMG weapon from a mob.


31.    Tuesday is a bad mood day because weekly server maintenance.

32.    You will still try to log in although you have known that server still under maintenance.

33.    You have already started aggressively to log in when getting near to 8 am of game time.

34.    Your cell phone alarm system has been set to remind you of all important events.

35.    You will try to find anyway to save just to top-up to buy premium items.

36.    You felt dying waiting for server to up.


What ever the reason or cause listed up here, one thing that matter most to me.



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