Most Dangerous WYDian Criminal

Date of Birth : September 24th, 1968
Height : 178 cm / 5 feets 9 inches
Weight : 80 kg / 176 lb
Sex : Male
Race : Malay
Nationality : Malaysian
Status : At Large

This is one’s of the HJI (Hanbitsoft and Joy Impact) No. 1 Criminal, is wanted for his alleged involvement in numerous murders committed from early of 2007 in connection with his mastermind of organized crime group in Armia PK Arena, Noutum Desert, Desert Dungeon and Snow Field. He is also wanted for his alleged direct involvement in several scams and account hack cases.

Other crime are unlawful act to avoid detection, attempted to murder of all CM and GM , assault with a deadly 42 MAP weapon and bisexual rapist.

The HJI is offering a reward of up to 1 million wcoins for information leading directly to the arrest of this criminal.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your local HJI office.



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