The Lost, A Gathering and A Dilemma


This weekend for three consecutive days, once again was held another round of nine inter-academies league. It was full dramatic and fierce fight and almost all of the round took longer time to finish.

In this week for the first time after dominated almost all divisions for the past few weeks, Malaysia Academy failed to produce a clean sweep. Malaysian only managed to win in three matches and one joined winner.

A three wins were managed by Philippines. Swedish with one win and one joined winner. Americans and Singaporeans are both happy with one win.

Second Day Hardcore Division Won By Malaysian

Second Day Hardcore Division Won By Malaysian

On first day’s match on Friday, it was a sad day and moment for Malaysian as they have lost all in three divisions. Singaporeans have won the beginner and Philippines have won both in advance and hardcore. This result has brought the Philippines camp a cheer and shouting through server chat. This due to they have succeeded to succumb Malaysian domination.

After being sparked by the great defeat on previous day, Malaysians have come back for revenge on second day on Staurday. It was a very long match in all divisions. Singaporeans have won in beginner division, Philippines have repeated their Friday’s victory in advance and Malaysians was lucky to get their revenge in hardcore.

In the final round of third day of the league match, at the beginner after a very long battle GM Hermes has decided to end the match and has declared both Malaysian and Sweden as a joined winner. Malaysia succeeded on easy win  in the advance division. In hardcore, the underdog USA Academy has given a shock and successfully defeating the overwhelming Malaysians. Thanks to their great teamwork and good coordination.


After tiring league matches, Dewata, BloodPissJr and me were rushed to SS2 Petaling Jaya. Same location as before, we have arrived before others.

A few minutes later, lilhealer, Optimus69 and his wife zexm, Roswell and mcnamanan have arrived and joined the “yamcha”.

It was full with laughter from beginning to the end. And of course our main topic was all about WYD. From the great news about one of us have changed to god to a discussion about which class is good for our future plan for a celestial.

With great inputs given by the WYDian veteran, lilhealer a.k.a ebiru several very useful advises have been shared to all of us. We had a very informative and constructive discussion.

As usual when discussing regarding the stats build, all of us have given our own opinion to this matter. To me, my path of choosing the black foema as my future celestial was agreed too by ebiru and others.

Even he had joked to me about using the express way to be a celestial by buying his ebiru. I just smiled with his offer. USD 1000 is out of my reach. LOL!

That small gathering or “yamcha” was ended at around 2 am. Until next time.


One of the topic discussed during “yamcha” was they have asked me on when I would change my DewiSuraya to god. My answer was just I would prefer to change after my mortal has reached level 400.

All of them replied with same words. “Why have to wait?”

After they explained in such great details, they have persuaded me to change as soon as possible. And even they would sponsor (bribe) to me a few water M scroll.

Now, I am in a dilemma on whether I should change it now or just wait after level 400.

Ahhhh! Another one thing that I can to make my brain further damaged. LMAO


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