Step By Step Guide – Changing to God

I wrote this guide after I have found in WYD Official website is rather confusing than helping. Esspecially the name of the stones are different.

I am hopin this guide will help to anyone who would like to change to god by hunting all needed items and do not want to spent the god pack.


* Monster Name – Location – Recommended Powder

1)  Skeleton Warrior – Dungeon – Oriharukon

2)  Bone Dragon – Dungeon Level 2- Oriharukon

3)  Orc Lord Trooper – Azran near Water – Laktorium

4)  Man Trap (Manticore) – Desert – Laktorium

5)  Fire Gargoyle – Underworld Level 2 – Oriharukon

6)  Demon Lord (Terranova Jr) – Underworld Level 2 and Dungeon Level 3 – Oriharukon

7)  Rujeper Broken (Astroth Knight) – Desert near Desert Dungeon Entrance – Oriharukon

8)  Frenzy Demon Lord (Lord Terranova) – Underworld Level 2 and Dungeon Level 3 – Laktorium

WYD vs Supreme Destiny Names

1)  Skeleton Warrior – Veean – Wisdom

2)  Bone Dragon – Keced – Mercy

3)  Orc Lord Trooper – Kocuna – Intelligent

4)  Man Trap (Manticore) –Tipalet – Beauty

5)  Fire Gargoyle – Nechark – Victory

6)  Demon Lord (Terranova Jr) – Gebra – ???

7)  Rujeper Broken (Astaroth Knight) – Yesord – ???

8)  Frenzy Demon Lord (Lord Terranova) – Marcute – Kingdom


1)  After all the EIGHT have been gathered, you will need 30 million golds to combine to SEPHIROT.

2)  Depends on what class of god you have decided want to be, go to the same NPC which you want to learn/buy your skills. All NPCs are loacated in Armia town.

a)  KnightLeader – Transknight

b)  ForeLearner – Hunteress

c)  ElderFoema – Foema

d)  ArchiMaster – Beastmaster


1)  To get Phoenix’s Spirit, you must hunt Lich Vatama, Lich Crunt, Frenzy Demon Lord (Lord Terranova).  Both Lich are located inside Desert Dungeon.

2)  To get the Unicorn’s Spirit, you must hunt Rujeper Broken (Astaroth Knight).


After you get both Phoenix’s Spirit and Unicorn’s Spirit, you must put the spirit in your inventory in this exact position.

Goto Red or Blue Oracle according of your kingdom (same place near the King) with 10 sapphires.

Then you will get Eternal Stone.


1)  Put Sephirot and Eternal Stone like in picture.

2)  Goto your King to change.

3)  Please be reminded that you must have one free character slot.



  1. Dewata said,

    October 17, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    u must combine the unicorn spirit n pheonix spirit 1st and wear it at the spirit stone before u can click sephirot

  2. -SiLaNtArA- said,

    October 28, 2008 at 10:55 am

    how to get eternal stone..

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