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Hi there, I just like to tell about my personal blog. It is all about me. The real me.


The Lost, A Gathering and A Dilemma


This weekend for three consecutive days, once again was held another round of nine inter-academies league. It was full dramatic and fierce fight and almost all of the round took longer time to finish.

In this week for the first time after dominated almost all divisions for the past few weeks, Malaysia Academy failed to produce a clean sweep. Malaysian only managed to win in three matches and one joined winner.

A three wins were managed by Philippines. Swedish with one win and one joined winner. Americans and Singaporeans are both happy with one win.

Second Day Hardcore Division Won By Malaysian

Second Day Hardcore Division Won By Malaysian

On first day’s match on Friday, it was a sad day and moment for Malaysian as they have lost all in three divisions. Singaporeans have won the beginner and Philippines have won both in advance and hardcore. This result has brought the Philippines camp a cheer and shouting through server chat. This due to they have succeeded to succumb Malaysian domination.

After being sparked by the great defeat on previous day, Malaysians have come back for revenge on second day on Staurday. It was a very long match in all divisions. Singaporeans have won in beginner division, Philippines have repeated their Friday’s victory in advance and Malaysians was lucky to get their revenge in hardcore.

In the final round of third day of the league match, at the beginner after a very long battle GM Hermes has decided to end the match and has declared both Malaysian and Sweden as a joined winner. Malaysia succeeded on easy win  in the advance division. In hardcore, the underdog USA Academy has given a shock and successfully defeating the overwhelming Malaysians. Thanks to their great teamwork and good coordination.


After tiring league matches, Dewata, BloodPissJr and me were rushed to SS2 Petaling Jaya. Same location as before, we have arrived before others.

A few minutes later, lilhealer, Optimus69 and his wife zexm, Roswell and mcnamanan have arrived and joined the “yamcha”.

It was full with laughter from beginning to the end. And of course our main topic was all about WYD. From the great news about one of us have changed to god to a discussion about which class is good for our future plan for a celestial.

With great inputs given by the WYDian veteran, lilhealer a.k.a ebiru several very useful advises have been shared to all of us. We had a very informative and constructive discussion.

As usual when discussing regarding the stats build, all of us have given our own opinion to this matter. To me, my path of choosing the black foema as my future celestial was agreed too by ebiru and others.

Even he had joked to me about using the express way to be a celestial by buying his ebiru. I just smiled with his offer. USD 1000 is out of my reach. LOL!

That small gathering or “yamcha” was ended at around 2 am. Until next time.


One of the topic discussed during “yamcha” was they have asked me on when I would change my DewiSuraya to god. My answer was just I would prefer to change after my mortal has reached level 400.

All of them replied with same words. “Why have to wait?”

After they explained in such great details, they have persuaded me to change as soon as possible. And even they would sponsor (bribe) to me a few water M scroll.

Now, I am in a dilemma on whether I should change it now or just wait after level 400.

Ahhhh! Another one thing that I can to make my brain further damaged. LMAO

Most Dangerous WYDian Criminal

Date of Birth : September 24th, 1968
Height : 178 cm / 5 feets 9 inches
Weight : 80 kg / 176 lb
Sex : Male
Race : Malay
Nationality : Malaysian
Status : At Large

This is one’s of the HJI (Hanbitsoft and Joy Impact) No. 1 Criminal, is wanted for his alleged involvement in numerous murders committed from early of 2007 in connection with his mastermind of organized crime group in Armia PK Arena, Noutum Desert, Desert Dungeon and Snow Field. He is also wanted for his alleged direct involvement in several scams and account hack cases.

Other crime are unlawful act to avoid detection, attempted to murder of all CM and GM , assault with a deadly 42 MAP weapon and bisexual rapist.

The HJI is offering a reward of up to 1 million wcoins for information leading directly to the arrest of this criminal.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your local HJI office.


You know your addicted to WYD Global when…


As maybe you have known, I have been playing this game since Supreme Destiny and then to WYD Global. It has been more than 3 years now.

Whether I am addicted, maybe i am. The list below 80% are from my personal experience. Another 20% are just my assumption that logically maybe happen to others. And maybe from what I have heard from fellow friends.

This list still not totally complete yet. I will add if anything crossed to my mind.

And here are the list without any particular orders.


1.    You never shutdown your computer because need to ccmode to hunt or level up.

2.    You will make sure no one touch your computer even you are not using it. CC MODE in progress.

3.    You can’t wait to be back at home just to see all your characters is still OK.

4.    If you can get home in time, you will find any cybercafe on the way.

5.    Whenever you stay away from your PC, you feel uneasy.

6.    You will comeback just to look at the screen every 30 seconds.

7.    You will be getting mad if your computer broke down.

8.    You will be getting mad if your internet connection is down.

9.    If your computer and internet line is down, you will rush to nearest cybercafé. WYD Global installation file burned on CD is a must have in case of emergency.

10.    You will never go to any place that doesn’t have any internet connection.

11.    You will never leave your laptop if you need to stay away from your home.

11a.  You are keeping a long list of WIFI free hot spots.


12.    You prefer to stay in front of your computer although someone ask to meet you else where.

13.    You will only go out to meet any friends who play WYD.

14.    Your lover wants a break off and you are not effecting by it.

15.    Your parents noticed that never go out again like before.

16.    You prefer of not watching any favorite show on TV anymore.

17.    When you talk to your friend in real life, you always say “Do you want me to PK you?”

18.    You will reluctant to go anywhere unless “Can I relo to you?”

19.    When your motorbike is low on fuel and you will say “Oh dear, I need to get pet feeds”


20.    You will think of any reason not to go to school.

21.    You will start to reach your office late.


22.    You prefer to hungry and any meal can wait.

23.    You will still have energy to sit in front of your PC although you are sick.

24.    You have learned to master to hold your bladder longer.

25.    You will get your computer repaired immediately if found faulty.

26.    You will feel energize when in front of your computer.

27.    Sleep is not important to you anymore. Leveling and PKing is the cause.

28.    You tend to wake in the middle of your sleep.

29.    When you are sleeping even your dream also about WYD.

30.    You jump in joy because you just get a dream of getting 81 DMG weapon from a mob.


31.    Tuesday is a bad mood day because weekly server maintenance.

32.    You will still try to log in although you have known that server still under maintenance.

33.    You have already started aggressively to log in when getting near to 8 am of game time.

34.    Your cell phone alarm system has been set to remind you of all important events.

35.    You will try to find anyway to save just to top-up to buy premium items.

36.    You felt dying waiting for server to up.


What ever the reason or cause listed up here, one thing that matter most to me.


New Siege War – A Proposal

It was has been THREE years since I have been played this game. And I have joined and participated in all type of war available. But to me the Kingdom War (in SD) or Siege War (in WYD) is the best war. This war still remain the same. And I found it a bit boring especially to veteran players like me. So it is my dream if the developer can change it so it can still enjoyable with these new changes.

So here goes my proposal of a new Siege War. It still in progress and I will update when I have found new idea.


It has been years since the war started. This conflict between two great kingdoms has claimed so many lives. It was tiring. It seems the peace wouldn’t see any daylight.

The generals and war commanders are getting restless. They all have been fighting the endless war for ages. They are tired for of receiving orders from their king. Something has to be done to stop all this madness.

It is the time for changes. It is the time for a new king. It is the time a revolution.

And it is the time for a new war.

A fight for power and wealth. A fight for name and honor.

One thing stills the remain. The war between two kingdoms, Hekalotian and Akeronian continue in new battleground with different rules and challenges.


At Kingdom of Akeronia and Kingdom of Hekalotia.


To kill the King.


1.      At first war when no claim the king title, both King will be spawn as usual.

2.      All NPC guards will be spawning as usual. After being killed, it will be respawn back immediately at near King’s location. It will move back to their original location and will attack if the found opposite cape on their way.

3.      A several cannon will be put at strategic places. Can be controlled only by a player with needed skill.

4.      When the war started, all gates in the area will be closed. All gates from outside world will close unbreakable. All gates inside the area can be break.

5.      To enter the war area, players can use a portal. Each kingdom has their separate portal to enter. Both portals are located at Castle of Noatun. They will spawn randomly into their respective kingdom near the king.

6.      All /summon, /relo, /summonguild are can’t be use into war area.

7.      All players who being killed will be transport back to their originated town.

8.      Any side that succeed kill the opposite King will be declared as a winner.

14th Sept – Controversy in League

Final round for this week’s Academy League was held this morning at 5 am. For this time around, a sole survivor Claw- from Global Academy was declared as a winner in Beginner division after a Malaysian contender has been disqualified of using +11 noob set.

However in Advance division, Malaysia has made a comeback by victoriously wiped out all other academies in less than three minutes. Thanks to the powerful ThorZ, a vigorous NON-BREAK and a fiery MissAdvance for their skillful play.

In Hardcore division, it was clearly Malaysia academy’s in favor before the countdown even started. HumptyDumpty from Singapore academy who was a favorite to win this round has failed yet again and have to accept a defeat after being attacked merciless from Malaysia. The over whelming turn out by Malaysia warriors have secured a quick win on their opponents. Malaysian team, lead by the sturdy -xnaruto-, not a sweat was dropped for a sweet win.

Read here for first day and second day league updates.

13th Sept – Malaysia Owned Second Day

Malaysia Academy once again has shown their supremacy by winning all division on today’s Academy League.

Most anticipated match between Philippine and Malaysia was waited by our guild mates. This was due a big fight between both guild mates was occurred on the afternoon.

The great numbers of turn out and strategically teamwork was their main factor.

With this result shown on second day, it is can’t be deniable that Malaysia will be triumph again for the third day at 5 am tomorrow.

Stay tune for the third day update. For first day update read here.

12th Sept – Malaysia Won Academy League

Malaysia Academy Guild records 2 – 1 victory on the first day league for this week. Clean sweep was only hampered by Singapore in Beginner division.

In Advance division, Malaysia has shown great teamwork and victorious only in three minutes.

Malaysian was lead by Espada001 and ThorZ, both are Magic Knight with support from others have put their best effort to the end.

For Hardcore division, although a great numbers have shown up, Malaysians had a very difficult time. More than half Malaysian warriors have fallen. After eight minutes have passed, with great fighting skills and teamwork the fight end with a splendid result.

This time around, I have used two characters for each Advance and Hardcore division. A Summoner with a healer and a battle foema with a summoner.

Without any doubt, Malaysia Academy has once again shown to be the strongest Academy in WYD Global.

Please stay tune for more update on second day of league for this week, tomorrow.

Why I love playing WYD Global? – Part 3

Read here for Part 1 and Part 2.


Yes, I know some of you maybe scream at me on why I take this as my reason.

It is just because it is available locally in my country, Malaysia through MOL system.

MOL system has doing a great job in serving online community in Malaysia. I have used MOL since I have played my first online game.

Since WYD Global marketing division has decided to using MOL as their business partner in Malaysia and Singapore, this have made this game more widely accepted.

Easiness to get the top-up mainly due to widely available of 7-Eleven branches.

I am hoping this same reason will make some retired players to return.


Indeed this reason is why I still continue to play this game. Although from time to time I still and will purchase wcoins (if my pocket allowed), there is no rush for me to do it. I just spend when I really need certain things esspecially the newbie set +11 and horse feeds.

Why I love playing WYD Global? – Part 2

Read here for Part 1.


Even the best game with superb content will crumble if not managed by great support personnel.

This was clearly shown by Supreme Destiny which was managed by e-Games. Due to some unclear problems, this game which at beginning handled with great people came to an end.

So far here at WYD Global, the support team has doing a great job in respect of respond time. I have before have posted some problem that I was facing at Q&A section and was quiet satisfied with their quick and prompt respond.

Although the problem has taken more than a day but they managed to solve it and return the answer in a day or two.

Unfortunately, the standard reply after the needed answer was sometime overshadowed.


The newly created post the Community Manager (CM) recently also was a major success. CM team was always seen around online in game whether to having a chat or mere teasing player with their puny jokes (just kidding) or listening to players complain and such.

Nonstop event that they have prepared which come with some great prizes indeed make this WYD Global a different compare to other WYD servers.

All of this were somehow have made the players to come back before they missed these great event. And I am also included. LOL

Continue reading here for Part 3.

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