13th Sept – Malaysia Owned Second Day

Malaysia Academy once again has shown their supremacy by winning all division on today’s Academy League.

Most anticipated match between Philippine and Malaysia was waited by our guild mates. This was due a big fight between both guild mates was occurred on the afternoon.

The great numbers of turn out and strategically teamwork was their main factor.

With this result shown on second day, it is can’t be deniable that Malaysia will be triumph again for the third day at 5 am tomorrow.

Stay tune for the third day update. For first day update read here.


The Elders

From my previous post, there were several times I have mentioned about my friends from DyNasTy. And today I would like to say about one similarity which is our age.

Maybe to some this would be a surprise but to others who are already known all of us in person should aware of this connection.

Almost all of our members are above 20 and more than half are above 30. There are a few of us are already above 40 and even more pass 50.

This is one reason why our relationship is so close. The maturity among us has made our way of thinking to this game with unique style of approach and we are more purposefully than other player in game.

In other word, we used our brain and interpret it to the game the best tactical style of play. We think charily before we do anything in game. We exploited every each prospect on every each character build that we have chosen to play.

This has brought us to create several accounts for the purpose of our ambitions. We always help out each other whenever and whoever in need or having trouble.

We discussed from time to time to find the best ways or methods to achieve the best result. We shared our knowledge and findings among us.

Most important is if we are going to be strong, we must do it together. We are a true believer in teamwork.

As our mottos say,

“You kiss me, I kiss you. You PK me, DyNasTy PK you.”
“We Ride Together We Die Together”
“DyNasTy For Life”

12th Sept – Malaysia Won Academy League

Malaysia Academy Guild records 2 – 1 victory on the first day league for this week. Clean sweep was only hampered by Singapore in Beginner division.

In Advance division, Malaysia has shown great teamwork and victorious only in three minutes.

Malaysian was lead by Espada001 and ThorZ, both are Magic Knight with support from others have put their best effort to the end.

For Hardcore division, although a great numbers have shown up, Malaysians had a very difficult time. More than half Malaysian warriors have fallen. After eight minutes have passed, with great fighting skills and teamwork the fight end with a splendid result.

This time around, I have used two characters for each Advance and Hardcore division. A Summoner with a healer and a battle foema with a summoner.

Without any doubt, Malaysia Academy has once again shown to be the strongest Academy in WYD Global.

Please stay tune for more update on second day of league for this week, tomorrow.

Why I love playing WYD Global? – Part 3

Read here for Part 1 and Part 2.


Yes, I know some of you maybe scream at me on why I take this as my reason.

It is just because it is available locally in my country, Malaysia through MOL system.

MOL system has doing a great job in serving online community in Malaysia. I have used MOL since I have played my first online game.

Since WYD Global marketing division has decided to using MOL as their business partner in Malaysia and Singapore, this have made this game more widely accepted.

Easiness to get the top-up mainly due to widely available of 7-Eleven branches.

I am hoping this same reason will make some retired players to return.


Indeed this reason is why I still continue to play this game. Although from time to time I still and will purchase wcoins (if my pocket allowed), there is no rush for me to do it. I just spend when I really need certain things esspecially the newbie set +11 and horse feeds.

Why I love playing WYD Global? – Part 2

Read here for Part 1.


Even the best game with superb content will crumble if not managed by great support personnel.

This was clearly shown by Supreme Destiny which was managed by e-Games. Due to some unclear problems, this game which at beginning handled with great people came to an end.

So far here at WYD Global, the support team has doing a great job in respect of respond time. I have before have posted some problem that I was facing at Q&A section and was quiet satisfied with their quick and prompt respond.

Although the problem has taken more than a day but they managed to solve it and return the answer in a day or two.

Unfortunately, the standard reply after the needed answer was sometime overshadowed.


The newly created post the Community Manager (CM) recently also was a major success. CM team was always seen around online in game whether to having a chat or mere teasing player with their puny jokes (just kidding) or listening to players complain and such.

Nonstop event that they have prepared which come with some great prizes indeed make this WYD Global a different compare to other WYD servers.

All of this were somehow have made the players to come back before they missed these great event. And I am also included. LOL

Continue reading here for Part 3.

Water M – First Experience

Yesterday I have joined a water M party. This was the first time at WYD Global. Although during my time at Supreme Destiny, water M is nothing.

It was a different setting. It is full with laugh as some of us running around for our life to keep alive.

Thanks a lot to my Maxis 3G line, the lag add further to my suffering.

But I am still have a smiling face as the experience point received was great. My level was increased 9 levels. Only 10 scrolls were used.

I couldn’t wait for next water session as DewiSuraya is my main character.

Why I love playing WYD Global? – Part 1


It has been so long since I knew and made me hooked up to this game. I have stop or maybe you can call it take a break. I have played a few other online games in between, but still I have to come back for the same reasons.

To say this game is so good, I don’t think so. But this game have some how pulled me back.

To say if the graphic is cool also I have played far more superior graphic than this. But still can’t make me hooked so long.

Only one game before that has made me hooked in front of my computer almost everyday which is Ragnarok Online (RO).

And both games have this only same one element which is FRIENDSHIP.

From day one when I have started to played this game, (exactly that was real Suraya who played) one guy named Arul (HEHEHEHEHE) and Adli (i7dvdd) have helped me a lot to familiarize and to master this game. They both always bring me to duels and to waters, as they need a healer when they were doing those quests. At that time their equipments were not in top condition.

Then they introduced me to Maxxie, one of the sub-leader for Warrior Guild. In that guild, I was introduced to more people.

The time has passed, and the DyNasTy was created. More people have come to be my friend. We have fought together. We have hunt together. We have gone to war together. And we have level up together. Even we have brought our relation beyond the online world. We have met each other in real world in several occasions.

So many names have to be mention. If I have to recall all those names, maybe it can be total up to beyond hundreds.

If I have been missing in just a few hours, they would even called me ask to be online. Maybe because of they need me for a certain thing or maybe they just need to ask me something or they just need to have a chat with me.

If one our friend voiced out that they want to quit the game, all of us will trying our best to talk and persuade to stay.

The bond between us has built up to the stage that it is hard to break it.

It is a very wonderful thing. It is a great feeling. It is a blessing.

Then came the end of Supreme Destiny. This was somehow broke us apart. Some of us have decided to play other online game. Some have retired completely. And some have decided to come to WYD Global.

This friendship that we have continued to WYD Global. And once again we have gathered under same guild which is Malaysia Academy.

Continue reading about this topic here for Part 2.

A Memory of DyNasTy

There is no news today in WYD as I was pre-occupied with real world thing. So today i would like to share to you all something about the past during my days in Supreme Destiny.

Maybe some of you still remember one guild named DyNasTy. It was a red cape. From day one we already has been a very close ally with other red guild especially iAm, KierraClan and VatosLocos.

Our DyNasty’s server was the third. That was our home ground. Erion town was our first town as at that time still not just for mortal guild war.

Although DyNasty was not as strong as iAm guild, but at almost numerous occation DyNasTy was called to come to change the tide of war. Our members only have normal set and even some of them still having green stats though already +10. But we have known to never fail to show up when we were needed. We never stop to coming back although we have already died so many time.

There was no meaning of lag. There was no meaning of no potion left. There was no meaning of waiting.

When called upon by any of our members or ally, just in a few minutes five to ten or even more will come to lend their help to assist. Even sometime if not enough members online, we call them through telephone.

These few poor and weak warriors but when band together in team. We fought bravely and sent our enemies away back to their own grave.

From in-game to real world, we have several time have made an event for us to gather. From there we became more closer to each other.

It was a great memory.

Some of us are still continue playing here at WYD Global. And some of them are still using the same SD name, like me. And some have to use different name.

They are Optimus69, zexm, -Superbeast-, Dewata (Iblyzs), Rosewell (dragaNZ), MamaDoli (doliTTle), BloodPissJr (Cepai), PacManJr (Maxxie), Gigane (nina), IchibieJr (tokjantan), hatisutra and me DewiSuraya.

Whether DyNasTy will be created again is still undecided but our true spirit of DyNasTy will still remain and will someday emerge creating havoc and chaos to WYD World.

Only time can tell. Just wait and be prepare for our wrath.

“You kiss me, I will kiss you back. You PK me, DyNasTy will PK you”

Malaysia Won 8 – 1

I am so very happy and proud. Academy Guild of my beloved country Malaysia has won all division except one. It was sweet and nice victory as I am also from same guild.

Our guild only loose to Singapore in Beginner division on Friday, 5th. These results were achieved after great turnout by academy members. This has make other academy too scared to show up and join the event.

Malaysian won hardcore division

Sound of frustration and dissatisfaction was also can be heard among other academy. To me it is your own fault that your own guild mates didn’t show up.

This time around was not complete with controversies as GM always did. On third day of the event, in Beginners division after a quiet long fight, GM has stop the fight between 5 Malaysian and 1 from Global. Surprising for the first time GM decided to declare all six as a winner. But for others who were already died was excluded to receive their share of the reward. This is something new.

As I said before, once again GM has used their own discretion. Although it solved the matter but changing the rules at the very last minutes seem to be a norm for GM.

As for me now, can’t wait for the next round which is on this coming Friday.

Malaysian won 8 – 1

Academy League – Edited Version


I write this guide since some of the information on official website is outdated. All the information below is only based on my knowledge at the time this post is written and from my own observation. Any wrong information found in this post are due to as maybe the rules of the event changes frequently by GM discretion.




Please refer to official website.





Please refer to official website.





Last alive member of any academy will declared as a winner.

NO ancient weapons allowed.

NO +10 and +11 (including noob set and weapon from Nell) allowed. Valid only for Beginner Division.

NO naiads allowed.

NO mount allowed.

Potions are allowed.

NO PK allowed and DO NOT on PK mode before countdown begins.

– Relocation (/relo) and guild/party summoning/jumping skills are strictly prohibited.

Anyone proven interrupting the academy league will be banned for 1 week. (under GM’s discretion)

In each round certain amount of time (under GM’s discretion) is given, and if the time reached. No Potions rules will be used.




Wait for announcement from GM to know which server will be held.

Use TAB message (i.e. /tab Beginner) to make GM’s work much more easier. It is advisable to stand close to arena fences during GM summoning.




For all division, 1 Laktorium Powder for each member of the winning academy who participate, although you got killed in the event.

Reward will be inserted to your storage after 2 – 4 hours.


It is one of a few things for newbies to feel first hand and learning stage before can join much more bigger war such Channel War or Siege War. Although Erion is the only town that only mortal allowed, but you have to wait until you can be accepted in any war guild.

This event is a place where you can learn how to follow orders from more exprience player, to work as a team, to test out your play skill and above of all, to having fun.

As this event is cater only for academy guild members, you still need to join any academy to participate. Though sometime GM disregard this rule by still summoning no guild/tag player.

Don’t be afraid of having poor set as this event is not about soloing but teamwork among your guild mates is a key to winning formula. It has proven the best player with the best equipments found out it is hard to win without assistance from own guild mates.

Try to stay close to your team. Refresh all your buffs when not attacking or being attack. Get a party with a support foema in it. A support foema as a team/party leader is advisable.

Learn to use all your buff skills and use it wisely. I always found that almost all player only know how to attack but they did it with reckless. A foema who never give buffs to their guild mate.


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